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Adoption Process Expectations and Steps

1) Use Buddy’s search tool to do some research on the animal you would like. Understand the particulars of the animal from breed traits, cost and fit for your household.

2) Understand that the process can be very manual and slow. We at Buddy’s are trying to improve it with our new ecosystem.

3) The form below is what can be expected to be asked from a through shelter or rescue. Be patient with the process as the animal welfare people want a good match for both of you.

4) Understand your needs as well. Considerations include time you have, your activity level, budget, kids, other animals, allergies, and current living situation to name a few.

5) Look to the long term, there is nothing as sad as having to return your new buddy (estimated 3-5% are returned!). Think about the match and use our tools to help you find the right fit and keep you new relationship strong.

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