Empowering Veterans Through the Love of Dogs

Why Life Buddy?

More than dog training, more than an app — The Pawsitive Path Program™ is how your Hero Community comes together.

With unlimited access to a health and wellness program for pet parents and their dogs, the program also provides The Life Buddy App™ that gives your community an exclusive digital space where they can gather and connect through their shared love of dogs.

The Pawsitive Path Program is a way of life.

Success begins with the assessment of the needs of both the pet parent and the dog to help facilitate a positive partnership.

Their bond is then cultivated and strengthened through our proprietary training and by daily use of the Life Buddy App™.

Within the Life Buddy App™, members of your community can access dog training, manage the health and wellness of themselves and their dog, and connect with other pet parents within your community.

Each pet parent and dog goes on to share a life together made richer and fuller by the complete circle of care supported by The Pawsitive Path Program™ but created by their own bond.


Find all the services you and your pet might need from groomers to veterinarians or pet friendly hotels and restaurants, you'll find everything you and your pet need all in one place.


Earn points for feeding, playing, walks, and more, now that all of your pets daily activities have been gamified to earn you points towards community based rewards! Share achievements and growth within your community for friendly competition and supportive encouragement.


A convenient all-in-one place app for keeping all of your Life Buddy's records and past or future appointments. Find providers, track activities, and take the guesswork out of caring for your pet.


Top name food and products selected by pet experts that are always high quality, natural, and safe for your buddy.


Quick and easy access to training demonstrations and tips and tricks for every pet owner topic you could possibly need. We have the knowledge and guidance for pet challenges, big and small.


Document you and your Life Buddy's journey together, through all the big and little moments, a constant reminder of who is always by your side.

All found in one place - The Pawsitive Path Program App. It’s the premier tool supporting all veterans paired with any level of trained dog.

Sierra Delta’s Life Buddy Program powered by GOLD LEASH K9

We provide customized service dog solutions for veterans and new pet parents. The program’s mission is to provide service dogs for every veteran’s needs and offer a system for making every pet parent and rescue dog pairing a lifelong success and endless source of joyful companionship.

The Pawsitive Path Program and its companion Life Buddy App are provided to new rescue pet parents upon adoption and serves as the complete circle of care for you and your best bud for life!

Education In the Palm of Your Hand

Need a quick training demonstration or information about pet insurance? We have the knowledge and guidance for pet challenges, big and small.

Health and General Care

Never lose track of shot records, spay or neuter info, or when your next grooming is. Find providers, track activities, and take the guesswork out of caring for your bud.

Find Resources and Tools to Encourage Your Bond

With service providers, activity ideas, and new products, we've compiled the best for you and your pet all in one place. And proceeds from sales go directly to Sierra Delta or other animal welfare organizations.

Have Some Fun With a Pet-Loving Community

Turn feeding, playing, walks, travel and more into a rewarding game! Earns points towards purchases, and share achievements and growth with a supportive community.

*All your pet’s information in one place, order food, buy products plus valuable information and suggestions on everything from having a fun day with your pet to how to train your pet.

We think you’re going to love it when your best buddy starts talking to you!

As you do things with your bud and provide general care, Buddy’s keeps track and awards you points. Points build to earn you free and special offers on pet related products. Fun and practical!

The app also allows your bud to send you text messages and reminders about fun things to do. Nothing like getting a pick me up from your best bud.

Receive messages from your bud on what they need and what they can’t wait to do!

Free guides on training practices, dietary needs, health and care, and much more.

Earn free Buddy’s stuff from toys to food to anything else in 9,000 quality products!

Discounts on services from participating providers and get feedback from the community.

“The hours of training, learning how each other operates, and taking steps into the world together have all been completely worth it. Leland has truly helped me get back into the 'normal' world, and has been my tether to healing and moving forward. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be together from day one."

PFC Stefanie Miller on service dog Leland

How Do I Join?

The Pawsitive Path Program is offered through our exclusive partnership with Sierra Delta, a veteran-centric organization utilizing a strengths-based approach to assist veterans as they obtain their life buddy and work to empower themselves.

Designed with meeting the needs of every veteran in mind, we’ve put the veteran first, so they’re equipped to lead their team. By assessing the individual needs of each veteran, we can design a curriculum and pairing with the highest chance of success, so more veterans and dogs can find their way home together.

“Gus has given me everything. He has given me my independence back. He lends me his strength, both physically and emotionally. He reminds me that life is really about the little things and taking the time to enjoy them is important. He pushes me to be better: I want to be better for him. He is my companion in all things and has done more for me than I ever thought possible.”

Freedom Green and service dog Gus