Empowering Veterans Through the Love of Dogs

A Proven Track Record

Our Partners' Successes with The Pawsitive Path Program™


Sierra Delta’s mission is to empower every Veteran, disabled and non-disabled, with access to approved dog training that provides purpose, innovation, and community through the love of dogs.

The Problem: Only 1 in 150 Veterans get the care they need through service dog therapy. But partnering with The Pawsitive Path Program™ has helped Sierra Delta in their mission to make sure any Veteran can benefit from the companionship of a dog.

Over 4 Years Serving Veterans
950 Veterans in Program
In 41 States & Counting

Sierra Delta’s Competitors:

  • 1 Path, Service Dog
  • Approximately, 1000 Service Dogs trained annually across all providers
  • 12 - 24 month average wait time for a Veteran to receive needed benefits
  • $35k to $50k average training cost
  • Typically no larger built-in community once Veteran training is complete

Sierra Delta with The Pawsitive Path Program™:

  • 2 Paths, Service Dog & Life Buddy
  • Approximately 1,000 Service Dogs and Life Buddies trained annually
  • 8 week average wait time for a Veteran to receive needed benefits
  • $1.5k to $10k average training cost
  • Provides individuals with a community for on-going support and wellness


The premier tool that helps you save more lives!

Spend less time on the business of marketing, care, management, fundraising, and adoption services. We’ve got that covered so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Join the rescue network used exclusively by Sierra Delta to pair dogs with veterans!

Customizable for Your Rescue Model

Buddy’s software was designed to support foster, kennel, or any other unique rescue model. The team at Buddy’s is here to support all rescue efforts.

Innovations Save You Valuable Time

Streamline your rescue and care process with paperless adoption, mobile care applications, automated marketing, transport coordination mapping, and much more.

Lifetime Partners with Rescues

All of our active organizations participate in a revenue sharing system for the entire life of the dogs saved through our platform.

Simplicity at Every Step

Our platform is designed to simplify YOUR life so that you can save more of THEIR lives. Easy to learn and easy to train!

How it works

It’s a simple process: upload the animals in your care into our system and upon adoption, transfer the animal to the veteran.

That’s it. We take care of the rest.

And you get to be a part of the premier program with two things driving our focus:

Add Basic Information

  • Bulk upload from Petfinder/Excel File or manual upload of each dog

Upload Important Documents

  • Health Records
  • Care Needs
  • Behaviors
  • Photos

Assign Dog Caregivers

  • Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Fosters

Marketing / Adoption

  • Push to major adoption sites
  • Paperless Adoptions
  • Transfer dog to new owner

Revenue Share With Buddy's

  • Visibility into pet parent care
  • Revenue share on purchased Buddy's items for life of adopted pet

You’re busy, and keeping up with the business of rescue is hard work.

So we’ve made Buddy’s Premium Care available wherever you need it: on the web, mobile web, or mobile application.


An estimated 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year, with large breeds being the most euthanized category.


About 1 out of every 150 veterans who benefit from service dogs receive them and can wait years to be paired with one.

The selective program benefits rescues and is the exclusive software that Sierra Delta, the leading company dedicated to bringing veterans and service dogs together, uses to manage their program.

Learn more about Sierra Delta here, and apply to become part of the world’s first digital platform for comprehensive pet care, today.


Curious how The Pawsitive Path Program™ can empower and impact your community?

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